My full-time job is a Marketing Producer at KTVB, Boise's NBC affiliate. You know those commercials that go "Tonight at eleven, blah blah blah?" I get to make those (without the blah blah blah part, obviously.) Here is a very short "commercial break" of some of the spots I have made!

Another park of my job is working on our lifestyle show, Idaho Today. We convinced our the EPs of the show to compete in a game show where they had no idea what the rules were until they started playing. I helped come up with this idea and edited it together. This is Idaho's Greatest Game Show!

Through gaming the algorithm, creating engaging content, and good looks, I have amassed over 70,000 followers on TikTok. Here are some of my "greatest hits".

One of my side projects is a podcast called "No Good Ideas", where we talk about the worst ideas/biggest blunders the world has ever seen. Here is a special episode where we fantasy drafted the worst ideas of 2022!

The thing that I am most known for, somehow, is a clip from an old TV show I produced in college called The Updog where I roasted the flag of Spokane, Washington. It has over 300,000 likes! That's so many that it almost makes me forget about all the comments that say I have small hands. Almost. Click to watch!

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